Classroom Diffusing

Today was quite the day in my classroom. Before lunch, I had three of my students leave school because of sickness! Two of them had thrown up (yuck yuck yuck) in our bathroom! Of the kiddos left, four had runny/stuffy noses and were coughing.
As my kids were dropping like flies, my panic started to kick in. After having sickness in your house for three weeks straight, you start to see kids as giant walking germs. I can NOT afford to get sick!
Immediately after the first kid left, I grabbed the Lysol and went to town. This brought gagging and coughing from the ones left. I agreed to stop spraying every surface, and decided to grab my oils during my planning.
I filled my diffuser, added 5 drops of Purification, 3 drops of Thieves, and 3 of Peace and Calming (just for kicks).
I ran it 3 times this afternoon for 10 minutes each time. Not only did our room smell good, but I got the germs out without having anyone pass out from the fumes. As we were leaving, a few of those stuffy noses said they could breathe better 🙂
Also, as an added perk, my kiddos were SUPER quiet in their afternoon groups. I am beginning to think Peace and Calming could be my favorite oil yet!



First Testimonial

If you read my Getting Started post, then you know that I took my first day of using oils REALLY slow. Much slower than I had initially wanted to.

Our second day of becoming a little oily was much more eventful. Both of our kids are fighting colds so after researching several sources, I came up with a little mixture to try.

I used:
-2 tsp. carrier oil (grapeseed is all I had)
-2 drops Peppermint
-2 drops Thieves
-2 drops Lavender
-2 drops Peace and Calming (totally unrelated to the cold- but helpful for bedtime!)

I put this in a little container and rubbed it on the kiddos feet and spine before bedtime. When Ry woke up the next day, his nose was not NEARLY as runny as it had been!

On Thursday (2 days after getting the kit), Sweet Baby Girl’s cold had gotten worse, and we are worried about her getting RSV again, so off to the doctor she went. They tested her and no flu or RSV, so she was sent home to treat her symptoms with breathing treatments and OTC meds. That afternoon she spiked a fever of 100.8. I found myself reaching into the cabinet for the Tylenol, but stopped before I got out the bottle. I went to my phone and pulled up the e-book edition of Gentle Babies (a resource about EOs for babies and pregnant women). The book suggested diluting one drop of Peppermint with one drop of carrier oil and rub it on her navel. Within one hour her fever had gone down to 99.2 (which is in her “normal” range).

It felt SO good to use something other than OTC meds to help her! Plus, it gave me my first success story!

YAY Oils!

Getting Started!

When I got my kit, I had already spent hours weeks prepping and planning on how to use my new oils! My phone literally ran out of storage space from all the screenshots I had taken of ways to use them. (I also take a billion pictures of my kids…).

One of the major trends I noticed from seasoned oil users, was the advice to “take it slow.”

At first, I thought “No way! I am ready to diffuse, dilute, apply neat, and all those other new words I have learned!” Then, after reading posts complaining of headaches, small rashes, etc. from other newbies, I came up with a new plan.

I started by following the instructions in the kit that say to pop in the roller ball and put Stress Away on your wrists while reading the materials. I may have gotten a little overzealous with the Stress Away, and WHEW! That stuff is STRONG SMELLING! Definitely go light!

Our kiddos have been sick on and off for two weeks, so I diffused a few drops of Purification in both of their rooms. The smell was definitely different, but I liked it. It smelled clean.

At bedtime I diffused a few drops of Lavender and Thieves. Ry, who sometimes fights bedtime, was actually excited to go to bed with his new “light” in his room 🙂

That is all I did on my first day of using oils. Now my second day…that’s another story (and another post!)

Here is the kit that I ordered. It came with 11 oils, a diffuser, and more samples!! If you are interested in YL oils, I definitely recommend the Premium Kit. It costs more initially, but it comes with SO MUCH and helps you see what you can do!