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Kicking That Kiddo’s Cold


As I mentioned in my First Testimonial post, our kids (mostly the small one) have been sick on and off for a few weeks.

Poor Sweet Baby Girl has been through so much. After battling RSV in the hospital back in October, all coughs and colds become a nightmare with her. She also has lung damage and the beginning stages of asthma 😦 While all of the other symptoms of her cold are gone, the coughing is persisting. She gets breathing treatments every 4 hours to help control it, but sometimes they aren’t enough. It’s pitiful to see her worked up in a sweat from a coughing fit.

After some more research (of course), I knew that RC would be perfect for helping our Sweet Baby when the treatments aren’t enough. I went online to the YL site to order it, only to find it out of stock. Apparently the rest of the YL community is dealing with colds and congestion as well! (UPDATE: It’s back in stock now!)  Our sweet friend (the one who introduced me to all this oily goodness) happened to have an extra bottle.

I quickly whipped, literally whipped, up a batch of cream to put on them at night! I have it stored in a small glass mason jar.

Night Time Cream For Sick Kiddos:
-3 tbsp coconut oil
-10 drops RC
-5 drops Thieves
-7 drops Peace and Calming

Whip coconut oil in mixer until creamy. Add EOs and mix together. Store in a glass container.

I rub this on her feet and spine at bedtime. I also put it on Ry to help him sleep and clear up the congestion that comes with this crazy cold weather we have been having.

The RC helps with cough and congestion, the Thieves is for germs, and the Peace and Calming (possibly my fav) is for a good night’s sleep.

Winning Over The Skeptic (aka The Hubby)


When I first started looking into Young Living Essential Oils my husband was less than enthused. In fact, he made fun of me for even considering using “voodoo oils” on myself and our kids. After reading SO much info on the Lounge about these oils and what they can do, I was ready to commit. Matt…not so much. If you know him, then you know he is a HUGE skeptic.

When I told him that I had ordered the kit…

Well let’s just say that was a loooooong conversation.

I made it my mission to convince him of the benefits of using oils in our family. Fortunately for me, it didn’t take much. The oils kind of did it themselves!

Here is how I know that Matt is now a believer.

1. Stress Away. The first day I got my kit, I immediately popped in the roller ball, and rolled it on my wrists. When Matt walked in the door that night, I did the same to him. He refused to admit that it did anything. However, a few days later, we were on our way to a high stress situation when I pulled out the bottle of Stress Away and rolled it on my wrists. I offered it to Matt, only for him to say “I already have it on.” Sneaky man!

2. Bedtime. Our little wild man is not a fan of bedtime. He usually comes up with every excuse he can to keep from hitting the sheets. About a week in to our oil journey, I made a mixture of oils to use on our kiddos before bedtime using Thieves, Lavender, and Peace and Calming. About 30 mintutes after applying it to Ry, he came up to me, looked me in the eye, and said “Mommy, I tired. I go to bed.” MY. JAW. DROPPED. I guess I didn’t respond fast enough because he turned around, walked to his room, turned on his new “light” (the diffuser), and climbed into bed. About 20 minutes later, Matt asked where Ry had gone (he is real observant), and could not believe that he had gone to bed without a fight!

3. Diffuser. Speaking of that awesome new “light.” I have caught my hubby turning it on several times, usually before one of the kiddos takes a nap. He hasn’t filled it by himself yet (and probably never will).

4. Lavender. Once again, our wild man played a part in his daddy’s conversion. At some point last weekend, he scraped his arm on something. The poor baby couldn’t go two minutes without showing it off and looking for some sympathy. I started applying Lavender neat to the cut a few times a day. The day after I began applying it, Matt mentioned how nicely it was healing. I quickly told him it’s because of the Lavender! (SCORE!) While he did not respond, he also didn’t roll his eyes!

5. Pain Cream. One of my favorite uses for these oils! I have been using a cream made from Peppermint, Panaway, and Valor for my intense sciatic nerve pain. Some nights it the only way I can get to sleep! One night, after helping me apply it, Matt commented on how good it smells. He then asked if I could put it on his back. He claimed he didn’t notice much of a difference, but has since asked me to put more on 😉 He says “I am just trying to evaluate your claims…” Yeah, yeah!

While these things may not seem huge to you, if you know my logic loving hubby, they are MAJOR!!! Any day now he will be that crazy oil dude- creating mixtures and blowing up his Facebook with how awesome these things are!

Ok, maybe not, but at least he isn’t referring to them as “snake oils” anymore!