Kicking That Kiddo’s Cold


As I mentioned in my First Testimonial post, our kids (mostly the small one) have been sick on and off for a few weeks.

Poor Sweet Baby Girl has been through so much. After battling RSV in the hospital back in October, all coughs and colds become a nightmare with her. She also has lung damage and the beginning stages of asthma 😦 While all of the other symptoms of her cold are gone, the coughing is persisting. She gets breathing treatments every 4 hours to help control it, but sometimes they aren’t enough. It’s pitiful to see her worked up in a sweat from a coughing fit.

After some more research (of course), I knew that RC would be perfect for helping our Sweet Baby when the treatments aren’t enough. I went online to the YL site to order it, only to find it out of stock. Apparently the rest of the YL community is dealing with colds and congestion as well! (UPDATE: It’s back in stock now!)  Our sweet friend (the one who introduced me to all this oily goodness) happened to have an extra bottle.

I quickly whipped, literally whipped, up a batch of cream to put on them at night! I have it stored in a small glass mason jar.

Night Time Cream For Sick Kiddos:
-3 tbsp coconut oil
-10 drops RC
-5 drops Thieves
-7 drops Peace and Calming

Whip coconut oil in mixer until creamy. Add EOs and mix together. Store in a glass container.

I rub this on her feet and spine at bedtime. I also put it on Ry to help him sleep and clear up the congestion that comes with this crazy cold weather we have been having.

The RC helps with cough and congestion, the Thieves is for germs, and the Peace and Calming (possibly my fav) is for a good night’s sleep.


11 thoughts on “Kicking That Kiddo’s Cold

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  2. I have been reading information from certified aromatherapists. I, however, am not one, but I did want to pass on some information that I recently read from one. RC has eucalyptus globullus in it and should never be used on kids. Eucalyptus radiata is fine to use on children. I wish I would have known this information before.

  3. Mel and Bri, I appreciate your comments and concerns. While I cannot speak to the “wealth” of questionable information available on the internet, I can only speak to my personal experience and knowledge of peer-reviewed journals addressing the subject. From experience, I’ve never observed any respiratory depression or convulsions with my children, including infants, when using R.C. in the concentrations produced by the recipe above.

    Scientific studies specific to the use of E. globulus (or E. radiata) in small children seems to be scarce. Articles and books addressing convulsion and respiratory depression related to 1,8-cineole aren’t definitive, in my opinion, and can be contradictory. In the recently-released book, Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young (pub. Elsevier Health Sciences, Dec 2, 2013), the authors suggest that 1,8-cineole isn’t as toxic as once believed and that it isn’t a convulsant. However, the authors suggest that safe dosage ranges for adults and children need to be established.

    Unfortunately, I understand this comment surely won’t put your mind at ease. As a parent, I have to make decisions from time to time where there isn’t a clear answer. In these instances, I weigh benefits and risks in order to make an informed decision. 🙂

    I wish you all the best. -Matt

    • How long did this last? Abd how long did yoy whip in blender? We’re just starting the “yuck” season and 3 Tablespoons didn’t seem like a lot? I only have one 3 yo but planned on using this for us as well. =)

  4. In concern to the use of oils on children. I have heard both sides of whether or not to use oils on the kids here is my thought. I’d rather use a all natural oil on my daughter than an inhaler, breathing treatment and steroids. Typically she would get even a tiny cough and it would turn into a terrible cough and we would have to go to the Dr and use all 3 of those methods. In the last 8 months since we started using oils she had not needed a single one of those medecines, which she used to bed on a monthly if not more basis. You do have to make the decision that is best for your family but I can tell you hands down that for my family it is using essential oils

  5. Hey there everyone!

    I am a recent young living essential oil user, and from much more experienced users with children, (whom I nanny), have told me that most essential oils are indeed child safe. However in order for them to be safe, they always, always dilute the mixture and typical with oil, (coconut primarily).

    The oils listed above, from personal experience, and knowledge of long time users, are safe for children. I perceive this recipe to be very safe because of the dilution with coconut oil. I personally am going to try this for myself (I am 18 years old), and I have been horrifically sucker punched with a painful cough, achy body, and stuffy nose.

    The guidelines I use for the dilution of oil is a 1-2 or 1-3 drop ratio depending on the oil. For instance with lavender, I use a 1-3 ratio for the kiddos because it’s a stronger oil that is more likely to cause irritation to the skin.

    I do know that there are some oils that are in fact unsafe for use with children. I apologize, I don’t remember which one specifically, but I’m sure it’s on the young living website. The oil I’m thinking of has a child lock cap on it when you receive it so kiddos can’t get into it.

    Hopefully this helps you make your decision, I’m sorry for the lack of physical evidence and references other than the more experienced young living users. Also I apologize if any of it was worded poorly or didn’t make sense, it’s very early in the morning and with this dang cold, I cannot fall asleep.

    Time to pull out the peace and calming! (My favorite too!! I sleep wonderfully when I use it).

    – Maddison

  6. This has been amazing so far! Just stopped 7 yo’s cough in its tracks! Put it on his chest and feet after a shower. Thank you for posting and THANK YOU YOUNG LIVING OILS!

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