Classroom Diffusing

Today was quite the day in my classroom. Before lunch, I had three of my students leave school because of sickness! Two of them had thrown up (yuck yuck yuck) in our bathroom! Of the kiddos left, four had runny/stuffy noses and were coughing.
As my kids were dropping like flies, my panic started to kick in. After having sickness in your house for three weeks straight, you start to see kids as giant walking germs. I can NOT afford to get sick!
Immediately after the first kid left, I grabbed the Lysol and went to town. This brought gagging and coughing from the ones left. I agreed to stop spraying every surface, and decided to grab my oils during my planning.
I filled my diffuser, added 5 drops of Purification, 3 drops of Thieves, and 3 of Peace and Calming (just for kicks).
I ran it 3 times this afternoon for 10 minutes each time. Not only did our room smell good, but I got the germs out without having anyone pass out from the fumes. As we were leaving, a few of those stuffy noses said they could breathe better 🙂
Also, as an added perk, my kiddos were SUPER quiet in their afternoon groups. I am beginning to think Peace and Calming could be my favorite oil yet!



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